My Threshold Plan

I developed my own personal recipe that I thought if followed would without a doubt bring me to my threshold. It was not easy by any means but I had absolutely no doubt my new daily regimen would get me there.

  • 1-Wake up and as I drank my coffee, I read a religious book of my choosing to help me connect to the quite power and inspiration I hoped would accompany me throughout my day. 30 min
  • 2-I would then write down three things I was grateful for as an exercise to help me learn gratitude for the world around me and open my eye’s to the things god had placed in my path.
  • 3-I would then recount three positive experiences I had enjoyed the day before. Sometimes a good conversation with someone I didn’t know, or recounting a good game of volley ball, or a great workout.
  • 4-I would the quickly write down my person list of values and where they stood from 1 to 10. ex:
  • 1 God & Spirituality
  • 2 Family
  • 3 Health & Fitness
  • 4 Happiness & Fun
  • 5 Integrity
  • 6 Creativity
  • 7 Hard Work
  • 8 CANI ( Constant and never ending improvement )
  • 9 Leadership
  • 10 Gratitude 
  • 5- I would then write my top 10 goals that I wanted to accomplish over the next year.
  • 6-I would vividly recount a positive experience from the day before as a form of confidence building meditation to tune my body and mind to my desires of repeating it and carrying it with me throughout my day.
  • 7-I would then read, read, read. On average I read close to a book a day. Many times I would check in and log 8-10 hrs a day reading most days. Not everyone will have time for this. I definitely don’t now but 30 min a day is a great start.
  • 8-I would then take a break from my reading and note taking and go outside. We were allowed to work out on the power tower where for an hour a day I would do push ups, pull ups and many other things to strengthen my mind and body more often than not in the snow and cold wearing gloves to avoid frostbite.
  • 9-My day ended with a final journal entry to recap its events good or bad.​
  • 10-Last I would set my goals for the next day and thank god for the one he had just given me and then go to sleep.

  The reason this process was so powerful in getting me to my threshold is because it put me in tune and magnetized me to the powers of the universe that make themselves available to us when we are in the right state of mind to receive them and for the first time I was.

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