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 My Name is Tilden Carter,
I like many of you that will come to this site am a Felon. I became a felon in 2013 after a string of terrible choices. At the time I had just gotten out of the military after 5 years of service, as part of that fall out I went through a rough divorce adding more fuel to the fire.
     It was the first time in my life that I had more problems than I knew how to fix and started using substances to cope. Long story short I did a bang up job of ruining my life in almost no time at all. When it was all said and done I had spent close to 3 an a half years locked up.

     I would get sober, do well for a while and attend meetings but would always end up falling back to the wayside somehow and right back where I started if not worse.
The moment the light bulb clicked on for me was the last time I got locked up. I was sent to a prison in Northern Idaho and did what was called a Rider Program. Now before you think this is a story about how that program changed my life its not. If anything I truly believe that most state endorsed programs are absolute garbage and a waste of tax dollars. However I did make a very deep seated commitment to myself during that time that I would be not just become a model inmate, but the best inmate on campus. I also decided that if any real and lasting change was going to take place in my life it would have to be done myself.

 I then set a goal to read 50 books during that time on many subjects ranging from business, religion, self help and basically anything that would serve as a catalyst to completely reinvent myself. I was determined to leave those walls not just a better man than when I had arrived but a better man than I had ever been.
    Over the next few months all the time and attention that was mine to choose how to spend was spent reading and designing the type of person I wanted to become and laying out a detailed plan on how to achieve it. I racked my brain with different business ideas and ways to grow myself into the kind of person that could end up where I wanted to be in life.       In my blog I will take you on that journey and am happy to tell you I am well on my way. Without a doubt my time of personal reflection and intense study was the initial boost that fueled my journey to make the changes in my life possible. I look forward to sharing more of my intense life changing journey with you on my site blog as it is built. Until then enjoy whats here and pick up a book. Its never to late to begin making a change.
                                                   Tilden Carter

Finding Your Threshold