Is Your Home Safe?

Is your home safe?

When I first got out of the military I sold security systems door to door. It was an amazing experience and I learned some of my most character building life lessons while at the same time learning the art of sales. Many of the sales guys would use high pressure tactics to get people to buy a system, I had a hard time with this. The way I always felt was the most effective was to simply ask the customer if they were to consider getting a system what where the weak points in there home or the reason they would consider it.

This would usually lead to a discussion where I would asked questions about them and their home as they gave me a tour and pointed out their concern areas to me. I always made it a point to ask them why a particular window or door was more of a concern for them or why they wanted a camera put into a particular area.

The point is that as we finished our journey through their home and after my carefully guided questions. The way they looked at their home would never be the same. The concerns we had talked about all started to become very real and the need for a system to address them transformed into a need in order to feel the same level of protection and security they had felt before our discussion.

The reason I chose to write about this is, I think it is very much the same with our lives. We all wake up and do what we need to in order to get by and be happy but how often do we choose to get out some paper and take a tour of ourselves?

I feel like a very easy and basic place to start is to look at 5 areas:

Physical-Our body and health

Emotional-Our mind and sense of self and well being.

Social-Our circle of influence and relationships, Family, Friends.

Financial-Our job and money situation or income and net worth.

Spiritual-Our connection to a higher power or deeper sense of self and well being.

I bring this up because its a quick way to tour your own life and determine where things are not working and how to make them better. All to often we avoid these types of activities because we are to busy or tired or whatever other excuse we can think of to avoid the pain of self reflection.

My challenge to everyone, is to take 5 min and try it out because even if you cant fix the problem right away once you discover its existence it will bother you. You will not feel content or comfortable until you find a way to address it.

Get uncomfortable its okay, that space of lacking and feeling a need for change is where we all grow and if we are not growing, whats the point?


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