Felon and need a Job?

My intention for this blog is to recount the journey I've made in hopes others can benefit from my struggles. However, my site is also designed to help felons jump start their lives once released and achieve their dreams.
Today we will jump forward in hopes of helping those looking for a job. While I was locked up I met some of the smartest and ingenuitive people I've ever met.
I'm going to tell you what worked for me and two other people using my guidance. 
America needs truckers, there is a shortage of good drivers and most places will look past your past. But how do I afford 20k to go to school for a CDL?
Well... ya don't. 
   I found a company in need of a driver. I then did some quick reading to study for the written exam out of a free book at the DMV and paid a small fee for the written exam and got my learners permit.
At my interview with the owner I told him that while I did not in fact have my CDL, I had my learners permit and that if he would hire me at a lower rate of pay than his normal drivers and allow me to practice with one of his trucks for 2 weeks. I would then use a company truck to take the driving portion of the test and would continue to work at a lower pay until he felt I had repaid the favor and proved my worth to the company and deserved a raise. 
Guess what? 
It worked! and within 3 months I was making a dollar more an hr than the average drivers and had amazing health and dental benefits for me and my family.
I won't tell you it was easy but will tell you it was a great way to hit the ground running and could work for you. When it was all said and done I was out a total of 200 bucks for all the tests involved and I got paid to learn for two weeks before I even took the test!
My point today is the system put us in a box, some of us for a very long time but you are out now and its time to start thinking outside of that box. Creative thinking has built empires, open your mind make your own options and carve your own path to greatness. The only thing holding you back are the labels and limitations that you allow yourself to claim. Throw them away you are free and a titan, Mount Olympus is yours to climb.

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