A Liquid Paradigm

I want to talk today about a concept and way of thinking that over time I have developed and adopted that has helped me to navigate my way through life in what I feel like is the best way possible. One on the books I read while I was locked up that I highly recommend is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven R. Covey.

In his book he talks about a concept called your Paradigm which is basically the way you view or look at the world around you and how you the perceive the events or people that you interact with.

The reason I am bringing this up and want to talk about it is our Paradigm and way we see the world is usually guided by the way we were brought up or by different things that have happened throughout our life that have caused us to form opinions and bias which we then use as evidence to make our decisions in life and judge different people and situations by what we have seen or learned along the way.

In the book he talks about people having a Paradigm shift. This is where instead of looking at or viewing the world in the same way they always have to adopt a different viewpoint and become capable of seeing things differently.

The concept that I want to talk about takes things a step further in that I have tried to adapt and see things through what I call a Liquid Paradigm. Just like making a shift as Covey stated, my Liquid approach is one of putting yourself in a Liquid or Water like state that is capable to shift and change instantly helping you see every viewpoint possible at any given time to achieve the best possible outcome when it comes to any situation or interaction with someone.

This idea occurred to me as I sat and thought about the current world we live in where we have people of every color and orientation you can imagine and realized that with so many different outlooks to consider. Any situation or interaction we have with someone could be perceived or looked at in more ways than most of us can count depending on who it is with or what its about. I think in today's politically correct and explosively dangerous social media environment becoming the kind of person that's able to see all the different viewpoints that exist in our world today will be the key to success for anyone trying to cultivate a successful interaction with people in the world today.

This skill will not come easy and will never be natural or become second nature and that is why I feel the need to expose it. It will take time a patience to learn how to read others and adapt your approach and tone based on the information that we know about them. Instead of reacting to a situation we will be forced to become proactive both before and after them. What I mean by this is if we have the chance or ability to prepare ourselves before hand this approach will force us to play out not just the one or two ways it could go but the 5,6, or 7 ways and prepare ourselves accordingly. The other thing it will do is force us to take a proactive approach at looking at our interactions after we fail to produce a positive or productive outcome and replay it in our minds checking off all the ways that didn't work and developing the 5 other alternatives we didn't realize where available at the time and committing them to memory so we can succeed in the future.

I want everyone to know that this will be a extremely hard skill to master and posses and to plan on failing your way into having it. I do however feel that this new idea of developing a Liquid Paradigm will add massive value to anyone's life who uses it and open a new world of opportunity to them and everyone inside their network of influence.

Until next time, if this message added value please take it as my gift to you and as a favor to me share it with someone you feel would be blessed having heard it.

Thank You for your time,

Tilden Carter-The enlightened Felon

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