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 Integrity & Hard

​Our company is here to creatively empower others to embark down their own path to freedom from ignorance and misinformation.

Tilden The Enlightened Felon

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Follow my story past to present full of life changing tips from along the way!

A Liquid Paradigm
I want to talk today about a concept and way of thinking that over time I have developed and adopted[...]
Is Your Home Safe?
Is your home safe?When I first got out of the military I sold security systems door to door. It was[...]
Felon and need a Job?
My intention for this blog is to recount the journey I've made in hopes others can benefit from my struggles.[...]

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Life is an incredible and amazing journey and to often we choose to just accept what life gives us and adapt. I wrote this because  this habit has been and will be the downfall of mankind! we are all meant to achieve our dreams..... so do it! 


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